Ascension of the Heart
Awaken your inner power
Personalized Sacred Geometry

Pattern Integration Sessions
Universal Sacred Geometry Patterns
Spiritual Counseling
Interactive 13-Chakra System Work
Violet Fire Trance Healing
Munay-ki Shaman Rites Initiation
Sacred Ceremony
Healing with Diet and Nutrition Focus
Homeopathic Vibrational Medicine
Herbal Therapies
Reconnective Healing®
Karuna Reiki®
Didgeridoo Event Participation

Located in Phoenix, AZ
Shipping & Distance Work Available!

Mission Statement

To empower individuals so they may awaken to the masters they truly are, reminding them that they are
magnificent beings fully capable of creating miracles; to raise states of awareness, enrich lives,
nourish souls and fuel a passion to share this knowledge with others.